PETYAF has been founded through the experiences of our family, who has been engaged in trade for a long time, and through the power corroborated by the employers’ being of the “Environmental Engineer” origin. 

The ever increasing industrialization, urbanization and the technological developments have caused the natural resources to be used up and the environmental issues to be increased. In particular, for those countries without enough space for regularly disposing of the wastes, the utilization or disposal of wastes provides a great advantage in terms of decreasing the amount and volume of wastes. 

Starting out with a sustainable method aiming at both protecting the resources and preventing environmental pollution, PETYAF is specialized in producing and supplying secondary raw material (PET Flakes) for packaging, fibre, textile etc. industries by means of the “Primary Recycle” method, basing on the principle of recycling PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) waste bottles.